AAPI Showcase

April 29, 2022

12-6 pm ET at James Memorial Chapel

  1. Program
  2. Interactive Stations


12:00-12:10 | Opening Address
An introduction by UTS president Serene Jones, Shalom Kristanugraha (MDiv ‘23), and Peter Tanaka (MDiv ‘24).

12:10-12:30 | Opening Ceremony
Led by Peter Tanaka, Xian’an, and Xian’ai.

12:30-1:00 | Free Exploration
Attendees are welcome to explore the exhibition space featuring visual arts and poetry print outs.Featuring the works of Erol King Delos Santos, Fatima Zaidi, Jason Tseng, Laura Sasaki Norton, Shanaz Deen, and Xiao Ma/Smile

1:00-2:00 | Dance Workshop
This one-hour dance workshop will introduce attendees to the history of the Bhangra dance form in farming communities of Punjab and connect both farming and the arts to the history of activism among South Asian Americans around farm workers rights, queer liberation, and minority religio-cultural awareness.Led by Harmeet Kamboj (MA ‘20, STM ‘21)

2:00-3:00 | Film and Music Screening
Film Screening by Jonathan Lee

  • ‘Jesa’ (8 min)
  • ‘HowToMakeKimchi(orHowToBeKorean)’ (15 min)

Music Video Screening by Moses Shanthi Kumar Bollam John 

Music Video Screening by Aung Lin Than

  • Piano Cover of ‘Kiss the Rain’ by Yiruma 

3:00-4:00 | Poetry and singing
Live Music Performance: 바위고개 (The Boulder Pass)

  • Lee Heung Ryeol, composer
  • Peter Tanaka, tenor
  • Su Yon Pak, piano 

Singing: Vinoto Shohe

  • Xamunu Kupu (Xa-mu-nu ku-pu) composed by Khekaho
  • Kümsüjulo (kum-su-ju-lo) composed by Alobo

Poetry Reading: Su Yon Pak

  • 죠지 와싱톤 브리지(George Washington Brid-gee) – 1976/2002
  • 환갑 (Hwan Gap – 60th Birthday) & Psalm 139

Poetry Reading: Dabin Jeong

  • War/time hunger —After Emily Jungmin Yoon, “Hello Miss Pretty Bitch
  • Brilliant, Gone —After Franni Choi
  • Eruption
  • Clippings

Poetry Reading: Aung Lin Than

  • One Day
  • Sarong Revolution

Spoken Word Screening: Jeannine Hennawi

  • Mama, I Don’t Mean to Complain About This

4:00-5:00 | Artist Talks

Panel featuring Erol King Delos Santos, Fatima Zaidi, Harmeet Kamboj, Laura Sasaki Norton, Moses Shanthi Kumar Bollam John, and Xiao Ma/Smile

Moderated by Shanaz Deen

5:00-5:30 | Dinner
Dinner is available for attendees; iftar boxes available for those fasting.Guests may explore the artwork, visit the interactive stations, and converse with the featured artists.

5:30-6:00 | Closing Remarks and Ceremony
Led by Laura Sasaki Norton and Shalom Kristanugraha.

Interactive Stations

Calligraphy and rice-paper station with Chanmi Byun

Portraits with Shanaz Deen

Coloring pages with Erol King Delos Santos

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