Activism in NYC

  1. Catholic Worker
  2. Effective Altruism
  3. Movement Chaplains
  4. Within Our Lifetime
  5. WSP Mutual Aid

Catholic Worker

The Catholic Worker includes the following ministries; Newspaper: The Catholic Worker. Vespers (each night at 7pm) and Eucharist. Friday night roundtable discussions; peace and justice work.

The Catholic Worker is an international movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin that creates houses of hospitalities and attached farms. In NYC there are two houses in the Lower East Side that provide aid, community, and opportunities for discussion.

55 East 3rd ST
New York NY 10003
Phone: 212-777-9617
Hospitality,lunch, clothing, and showers for Women.
Time that help is typically needed: 11am-2pm
Days serving: Tuesday-Friday

St Joseph House
36 East 1st ST
New York NY 10003
Phone: 212-254-1640
Hospitality, coffee, bathroom, meals, clothing for men.
Time that help is needed 8am-2pm.

UTS Student Contacts: Liam Myers

Effective Altruism

UTS Student Contacts: Caleb Huffman

Movement Chaplains

UTS Student Contacts: Caleb Huffman

Within Our Lifetime

Within Our Lifetime is a Palestinian-led community organization that has been building the movement for Palestine in NYC since 2015.

UTS Student Contacts: Shanaz Deen

WSP Mutual Aid

For those looking to get involved and support direct, on-the-ground abolition and justice work, check out Washington Square Park Mutual Aid!

We organize with homeless communities and other marginalized people in Lower Manhattan. We provide food, water, clothes, and defense against NYPD “sweeps” of homeless encampments along with other services (we got a barber recently!) and training. Recently, there’s been an increase in police violence against the homeless, and combined with inflation this means financial strain is way up on everyone involved.

Check us out on social media at @WSPmutualaid, read this to learn about sweeps, and consider coming down on a Friday or donating a few bucks.

UTS Student Contacts: Ben Heaney

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