Updated September 1, 2022

Register for a Locker

Lockers will be available beginning Tuesday, September 6.  The assignment list will be posted in the Pit in between the two sets of locked mailboxes. This year you will need to provide your own lock and key.

Log into the housing application page and submit a locker request form.

Where to Take Online Classes

Feel free to use any unused classroom to take your online classes. It may be helpful to reference the Fall 2022 Class Schedule to see which rooms are occupied.

The Bonhoeffer Room on the 3rd floor of Hastings Hall is another option.


The Pit has a mini fridge and microwave to store and warm your food. In the same area, Tiffany’s Tea offers drinks, snacks, and meals — be sure to use your $150 by the end of the semester. You can also find other drinks and snacks in the vending machines by the staircase.


As with anywhere in NYC, parking is incredibly difficult but possible. There may be metered parking along Broadway or free parking along Riverside. Wherever you park, check the alternate side parking signs. If you park during the times listed, you will get a ticket.

There are parking garages around the area. One of the most affordable options is the garage by Dinosaur Bar-B-Que; it is approximately $20/day, but they are cash-only.

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