election note AY 22-23

updated September 14, 2022

The beginning of the year is here, and like always, a bit overwhelming. Student Senate is so excited to get things rolling, and that means kicking off elections.

Step 1: Nominations

Between September 7 and September 12, nominate yourself and peers for the available positions:

Executive Team

  • Co-Chair
  • Treasurer


  • 1st year MDiv representative
  • 1st year MAR representative
  • STM representative
  • MASJ representative


  • Academic Affairs PhD Representative
  • Development Representative
  • Columbia-UTS Observer
  • JEI Representative
  • Strategic Planning

Nominees will be notified the morning of September 13. They will have until 6:00 pm ET on September 14 to accept or deny the nomination. If an individual accepts the nomination, they must provide a photo, an image description of the photo, and a small blurb about why you are running for that position. 

Step 2: Voting

Between September 15 and September 19, submit your election ballot. Winners will be emailed on September 20 to confirm or deny their position. If denied, the second-choice winner will be notified, and so on until the position is filled.

Step 3: Senate Meeting

Welcome your newly elected peers at our first Senate meeting – September 21.


We completely understand that this process is incredibly rushed, especially for incoming students who probably have not met everyone in their class to elect a representative. We wish we could extend this process, but the academic year is quicker than you think. There are only four Senate meetings per semester. If we want to change, refine, or implement an idea, planning needs to start almost immediately.

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