09.21.22 — agenda + minutes

[zoom link]

Pizza 🍕


Election Results and Swearing in

Caucus/Club Leaders

  • Budgets are due Friday!!
    • We don’t have a credit card right now. Get an invoice if you can. Always keep a record of everything (take a picture of the receipt as soon as you get it)
  • How to host hybrid meetings
    • Meet David Gaswirth
    • Rooms: Stewart, AD 36
  • IFJC- Rosh Hoshanah dinner this Tuesday, for members and guests
  • Queer Caucus- watched Pride, will advertise on Slack and email, reach out to Victoria or Brendan
  • Latinx Caucus: welcoming folks for a conversation about identity words (Hispanic, Latino, Latine, etc)
  • Eco-Justice Caucus: working through lens of Union’s Climate Commitment. Reach out to Liam to get involved
  • AAPI: Looking to continue Art Fair as an annual tradition
  • Black Caucus: implementing a capacity sharing leadership model


  • Lauren Kelly requests Caucus leaders to discuss JEI concerns/reflections with their groups before the next committee meeting (October 19)
  • JEI report will soon be available for the community to read. Disability Justice has risen to the forefront. Highlighting the effort of Dean Abby and Disability Justice Caucus on this front


  • Request for Senate funds to extend hospitality to Union students
  • WIRP is an intentional community of 5-6 women in McGiffert
  • Future of the Community is threatened as McGiffert will cease to be Union housing next year. There is currently no suitable space for WIRP in Hastings
  • To visit: go to McGiffert, take the elevator next to the washing machine, the 1st floor is the WIRP
  • Invitation for other caucuses to reach out to WIRP to collab on events
  • WIRP reps passed out a Zine detailing history of the community

Misc Questions

  • Role of TFs in slack/Facebook
    • Poll
    • Nova volunteers their time as Slack administrator
    • Poll/discussion results: TFs should not be in Slack channels for classes that they are TF-ing. Students should be aware that Slack channels are not private unless they are locked. Anyone can see them.
    • History: Slack was started pre-Covid, went dormant, and became active again during lockdowns
    • Question: Should administering Slack continue to be unpaid work?

Open Forum

  • McGiffert & Hastings elevator issues
    • second elevator is broken in McGiffert. If you get stuck in an elevator, press the emergency call button
    • Hastings elevator also has emergency numbers on the wall
    • Be very gentle with Hastings elevators. Covid protocols of one person or family pod at a time still apply
  • Call for ASL translation support: Varada’s thesis
    • Varada needs an ASL interpreter to make her thesis process accessible to her outside reader
    • Feels she has exhausted all resources to get funding, and requests support

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