10.19.22 — agenda + minutes

Zoom link


Pizza 🍕 [2:00]

Ice-Breaker [2:10]

What’s your favorite form of self-care?

Executive Team [2:20-2:50]

Co-chairs [2:20]
  • Reflections from Board of Trustee meeting
    • Financial update
    • Special Committee Report
    • Unconscious Bias and JEI Report
      • Class bias
      • Structural findings
    • Strategic plan
      • On hold from 2020-2022
      • New proposal for 2022-2026
        • Climate responsibility, campaign fundraising, financial sustainability
        • importance collaborations and partnerships for survival of small institutions
Treasurer [2:30]
  • Spending money
Historian [2:40]
  • Proposal

Representatives/Caucuses/Committees [2:50]

October updates
  • Questions?
  • Communication with JEI?

Open Forum [3:15-4:00]

mutual aid response after reimbursement hiccup [3:15]
moneyyyy [3:30]
  • How should the executive team decide what to (not) fund?
co-chair questions from board meeting [3:45]
  • Union is currently reevaluating its interreligious identity — what type of representation should students have on the Steering Committee?
  • Context: Board of Trustees agree on value of social justice but hold different definitions…
    • What values and theories underly your conception of justice?
    • In which ways does Union align (or does not align) with that idea?

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