funding decisions

how does the executive team decide what to (not) fund?


Any student is welcome to submit a proposal to the Senate executive team, allowing them to host events outside of the standard caucus/club structure.

Please allow at least two weeks for the executive team to discuss and decide.

As elected student representatives, the executive team is given the responsibility to decide which proposals are accepted and how much funding to grant. Though we would love to incorporate more students, it is not possible to grant funds in a timely manner considering the student only meets once a month at Senate meetings.

To increase transparency, the executive team wants to share our guiding questions and general procedure for how we decide what to (not) fund.

guiding questions

  • Does the proposal bring together the Union community?
    • Individual projects or endeavors are rarely funded given the limits of our budget. However, caucuses and clubs are free to fund anything within their budget.
  • Does the proposal address a shortcoming or gap in our institution?
  • Does the proposal empower a marginalized group?

general procedure

After discussion of the proposal, the executive team will vote on one or multiple funding amounts. (e.g., 100% funding, 50% funding, etc.)

Majority wins (at least 4 out of the 7 members)

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