student leader updates (february)

Class Representatives

Rep at Large

1st year MAR Rep

1st year MDiv Rep

2nd year MAR Rep

2nd year MDiv Rep

3rd year MDiv Rep



PhD Rep

MDiv/MSW Rep



Black Trifecta

Buddhist Student Collective

Disability Justice

DJC has begun the process of organizing the celebration of our graduates. It will take place on May 18th from 4-6 pm. We also worked to publicize requests for masking in public spaces during the first week after returning from break.




Interfaith Justice

International Students

Our update is that IC will be hosting a Cultural Showcase PowerPoint Pub on March 2, where we’ll also be having a small fundraiser to raise donations for Syrian families suffering in the wake of the recent earthquakes. 

We’ll be asking community members who are interested to sign up to do a 2 minute PowerPoint on any niche fun fact about their hometown, culture, or country. 



First, Queer Caucus is thrilled to welcome Destinee Bates as the new co-chair. Second, Queer Caucus is partnering with the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network to host the Virginia Ramey Mollenkott Award ceremony at Union on Wednesday, Mar. 8 from 5 to 6:30 pm ET. The event will be livestreamed for those unable to attend in person. The award recognizes outstanding scholarship in LGBTQ religious history. The award recipient, Wallace Best, Ph.D., will be joined by the Rev. Dr. Patrick Cheng and Keegan Osinski. A reception will follow. Learn more and RSVP:


Academic Affairs


Deliberations continue about the UTS grading scale. The faculty appreciated and read the student survey closely.

Assessment Committee is thinking more about how students receive feedback and faculty give feedback. We are seeking student input now on the kinds of feedback you receive (or wish you received) and what works well for your learning. 

We continue to appreciate student input on the UTS grading scale, including feedback from caucus reps on behalf of our caucus.

Buildings and Grounds

Columbia-UTS Observer


Union Theological Seminary is psyched to be celebrating our 2023 “1836 Day“ with Alumni, Students, and Friends. 

1836 Day is the day on which we celebrate and honor the founding of the Seminary. 

More details to follow regarding the March 7th celebration. Look for an exciting day on the Commons and in James Chapel. 

Education Technology

Educational Policy

Educational Policy has met twice.  In the second meeting there was a lengthy discussion regarding making available additional course offerings in interreligious spaces. Several professors are going on sabbatical next year. 



Strategic Planning

Union Medal

Union Medal committee has not yet met. 

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